Marketing Strategies of Successful Clothing Companies

Competition for all retailers with physical stores only is getting fierce. While stores only had to compete with each other, they now have to compete with E commerce websites. The low overhead costs and volume sales experienced by website stores allows pricing to be lower at all times. Shoppers can get low pricing, a wide selection of options, and the convenience of shopping twenty-four hours a day. Those benefits and circumstances are difficult to overcome with the space limitations, high overhead, and closing hours of physical stores. There are a few fine clothing stores that have been in business for decades closing their doors this year.

Big chain department stores are fairing well because they sell such a plethora of different items that a reduction in clothing sales does not effect their bottom line. Another reason is that most large chain stores operate websites as well as physical locations. Successful clothing companies are following that lead and making their brands available online and in exclusive boutiques. The marketing strategy is helping many stores keep their doors open. Offering more fashions and the latest trends at affordable pricing makes boutiques appealing to the average shopper. Email campaigns, social media pages, and flat shipping rates or free shipping are attracting shoppers to their websites.

High quality at discounted pricing is capturing the attention of social media enthusiasts. People are sharing the link to boutiques on their personal pages, posting pictures of their latest purchases, and signing up for newsletters. The free advertising is valuable and creates buzz for the site and the store. Placing promotional offers on Facebook and posting pictures of the newest arrivals on Instagram, along with having pages on several other social media sites also contributes to generating leads and new customers. This strategy is the answer for many small boutiques and clothing stores. New sites are being introduced on a regular basis so compare at least a few before deciding on which on to frequent. Policies, terms and conditions, pricing and services vary greatly so be sure to understand them prior to placing that first order. Read information carefully to avoid paying more than expected, or getting stuck with merchandise that cannot be returned.